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The expense of running a Dental Practice continues to go up, but from time to time

you still need to add and replace equipment.  Maintaining positive cash flow and protecting

bank lines is a major concern, but you still need to pay for the purchases.

What is the best option?

Dental equipment financing works for your practice,

your budget and it can help you meet your business objectives. 


Only $99.00 down and first three months of $0.00 a month.

Call for details.

Here are just some of the reasons why it could be a smart choice

for your company over your bank, credit cards or even paying cash.

Deductible Expense

Proven Alternative

Variable Payments and Flexibility

Protecting Bank Lines

Avoiding Bank Restrictions

Simple and Easy

Payments are Fixed for the Term

Does Not Negatively Affect Personal Credit

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Expanding and maintaining your equipment for your business is critical to cash flow and can be managed with the right type of financing. Your bank is a

limited resource and in today's environment, bank loans are very scarce and should be used for other expenses,

like working capital, inventory/supplies, and unforeseen occurrences.

Being a self-funded private equity company; our core business is dental equipment financing.  If you need to finance a piece of

dental equipment, chances are we know what it is and have already financed it for another dentist.

The Benefits

Simple - As little as nothing down to start your agreement

Easy - A credit card can be used for the initial payment

Hassle-Free - The whole process can be completed on your phone

Competitive - Great pricing from a self-funded private equity company

Flexibility - Payments can match cash flow.

Fast- Completion in 24 hours on your phone

Fair - Soft pulls on credit and no obligation approvals.

Complete the form below and we will provide you with fast,

no-obligation approval within 2 hours and can have your

Dental Equipment Liquidators, Inc.

purchase completed in as little as one day.

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Questions; contact our

Dental Equipment Financing Specialist

Kevin Anderson

 Call/Text 772-559-8193

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